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Fujifilm superia Xtra 400 -36 Exp Film

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One film to meet all your photographic needs – delivering bright, rich colours in the widest possible variety of photographic situations. The results with Fujifilm Superia X-TRA are simply incredible. Images are crisp, sharp and full of detail, whilst the colours are brilliant, accurate and true-to-life. Even under fluorescent light, Fujifilm X-TRA delivers brilliant photos time after time.

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Fujifilm superia Xtra 400 -36 Exp Film

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Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400 is a high speed daylight-balanced color negative film featuring FUJIFILM’s 4th Color Layer technology to produce vibrant, yet naturally appearing colors with smooth skin tones and repeatable results under mixed lighting conditions. A nominal sensitivity of ISO 400/27° is well-suited to use in a variety of conditions, and Super Fine-Sigma Grain Technology yields an unobtrusive, fine grain structure with high sharpness to benefit scanning and printing applications.

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Fujifilm superia Xtra 400 -36 Exp Film

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