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Ansmann Powerline Vario ,all in 1 charger

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In stock

Ansmann Powerline Vario ,all in 1 charger

Product Description

Powerline Vario - Universal Camera Battery Charger

ANSMANN Powerline Vario

It comes with a Micro USB charger and cable meaning you can use the power supply for charging phones, tablets, etc.

You can also power this charger from a Power bank or Laptop.

Adjustable contacts make it easy to insert most Li-Ion/Li-Po battery packs.

Charging starts automatically when a battery is connected, with automatic polarity detection.

Short circuit protection, wrong polarity protection, faulty cell detection, safety timer.Automatic battery full detection.

Trickle charge function for NiMH batteries.LCD Display shows the state of charge in 25% steps.

Complete with mains adapters for worldwide use (100V-240V AC / 50-60Hz) as well as in-car adapter (12V DC).

Charging current: max. 600mA for Li-Ion/Li-Po, 1000mA for NiMH.


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Ansmann Powerline Vario ,all in 1 charger


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